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Save The Missiion Mission San Juan Bautista has been a Mission of education for centuries. It is still heartwarming to see so many young students, Fourth Graders from all over central CA, visit, tour and absorb the beauty and history that is Mission San Juan Bautista. This mission provides this historic experience to more than 1,000 students, teachers and parents each year through California Office of Education mandated study of the local native inhabitants and their experiences and lifestyles, in the case of this mission mostly the Mutson of the Costonoan family of tribes.


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It is the primary mission of our Fund to preserve this Misson for the future generations while embracing our profound respect for those who came before us and created and nurtured this experience. Without centuries of concerned supporters and active care by devoted stakeholders none of us would be enjoying the beauty and grace of Mission San Juan Bautista today. It is these powerful efforts by those before us that motivate our Fund to Preserve the Past for the Future




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