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Sula’s Corner

Place the associated number of the correct answer to each question listed below:

  • 1. Vertigo
  • 2. El Camino Real
  • 3. Solstice
  • 4. Cat hole
  • 5. Paw prints

I’ve gotten stuck in the ____. I like to think that one of my ancestors’ ____ is in one of those tiles. I take walks along the original ____ or Royal Road that runs just beyond the Mission cemetery. Every December 21st, visitors wake me up super early to see the winter ____ and most of the time its foggy, like my eyes. If I was born a little sooner, I could have starred in
the movie ____.

* Answers to the quiz on the reverse side:1. The famous San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 left the outer walls of the church building in piles of crumbled adobe bricks. They remained that way until the mid-1970s when the original side aisles were re-built and the beautiful arches were once again opened to the main church.

2. None. In 1865 a Gothic square tower was built with a belfry on top. During a severe windstorm, the steeple blew off in 1897. Then in 1923, the tower was remodeled with a
domed, tile roof. Because it had become unsafe, the mission was again without a bell tower for 26 years.

3. A bell wall or “campanario” which held the original 3 bells.

4. Popeloutchom. Its people were key in the success and development of Mission San Juan Bautista.

5. From Spain and Mexico.

Our Old Mission has seen many important
changes in the past 200+ years. It is the hope of all who live and visit here, that our Old Mission buildings continue to get the care and support they need. And that only happens when people and students who care about our California’s Mission history find a way to give to our Old Mission by donating their time, ideas, talents and money. Our Mission is so grateful to all who
keep it beautiful, healthy, and safe for all future generations of visitors to see. Your visits and gifts will always leave a footprint in the Old Mission San Juan Bautista’s history.