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FYI: Mission San Juan Bautista as of 12pm, 3-17-2020 

The Mission San Juan Bautista parish office, gift shop and church are closed until the Shelter in Place is lifted in San Benito County. All meetings and appointments are cancelled. We will update you on masses as soon as we hear from our Monterey Diocese.   Thank you Matt for all your help and let me know if you have any questions. Tami Adam President MSJBP Fund 408-592-7863

A Note from the President:            

First, the Mission San Juan Bautista Preservation Fund continues to pray for those in our community and throughout the world who are struggling with the unprecedented outbreak of the Coronavirus and are wishing for healing and a full recovery for all. And in spite of the onslaught of rain this last week, there is a silver lining; The Mission is still standing and the roof is holding, perhaps barely, but holding none the less…for now. So many of you have reached out to ask about the Mission San Juan Bautista Preservation Fund, where we stand and how you can help. First, we are in our fifth year and are working hard to cultivate those folks that have the ability to help save our Mission San Juan Bautista. As you can imagine, this is no easy task but I am happy to report that we have raised over $1.5 mil to date. With the leadership of Mike Romo, our Fundraising Consultant, Jewel Gentry, our Executive Director, and our outstanding Board of Directors, we continue to search for those vital donors that can make the difference and will work tirelessly until we preserve/protect Old Mission San Juan Bautista for future generations. Father Alberto, as well as Mr. Gentry, has been instrumental in communicating to Bishop Garcia our task at hand, and therefore the Bishop has offered his personal commitment to help connect us to those folks that can help us succeed. Also, we are honored and so pleased that Bishop Garcia has accepted to be an Honorary/Advisory Board member to the Fund. His support is immeasurable. So how can you help? With community support, we will raise the roof. If you are interested in helping save our Mission, please don’t hesitate to call/email us and we will be happy to sit down with you. Besides the beautiful Mission itself, the support of our community is one of the best assets we have in encouraging others to donate. So, please feel free to reach out to talk with Mr. Gentry about the Fund and see for yourself the Fund’s progress and better yet what you can do to help. As always, thank you all for being stakeholders in our mission to SAVE MISSION SAN JUAN BAUTISTA! 

Tami Adam President Mission San Juan Bautista Preservation Fund 


Jewel Gentry Executive Director Mission San Juan Bautista Preservation Fund 


Mission San Juan Bautista Preservation Fund Campaign 

Mass and the sacraments have been celebrated continuously at Mission San Juan Bautista since its founding in 1797. Known as “The Music Mission” for the excellence of the music the early Christian native peoples performed, it is the largest of the 21 California mission churches and the only one with three aisles. It is also the only one with its original entrance plaza still intact. Since its early days, the Mission has been damaged by earthquakes, including one in 1803 which destroyed it. It took nine years to make the extraordinary number of adobes and tiles required but the present church was finally completed on June 23, 1812, when Jefferson was president. Nearly 40,000 school-aged children tour the Mission annually. They learn about the Ohlone Mutsun Indian Peoples and the Franciscan missionaries who built it to bring the gift of the Catholic faith to this part of the New World. The Mission helps all who visit learn about the Mission Era and its unique role in the religious and cultural history of California and our nation. While the Mission has had periodic restoration over the last two centuries, it is now at grave risk because its buildings have not been seismically retrofitted, and their leaking roofs are causing the adobe bricks to deteriorate and lose their strength. Seismologists have estimated a 62% probability for one or more magnitude 6.7 or greater earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Region from 2003 – 2032. The Mission church is only 100 feet from the San Andreas Fault. It is the only California mission which has not had a seismic upgrade. In May of 2015, seeing the mounting deterioration of the Mission, a concerned group of community volunteers committed their collective efforts to save the Mission. In October of 2015, a Board of Directors and the Mission San Juan Bautista Preservation Fund, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation (EIN #47-5427661), were established to raise the required funds. Working in collaboration with the Parish, the Board is conducting a comprehensive capital campaign to restore and preserve the Mission, repair and improve its infrastructure and facilities, conserve its unique religious art and historic artifacts, and enhance the visitor experience of the Mission church, the Museum, and the Mission grounds. 


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Donations can be made to us by mail at the address below, brought to the church office, or made directly through PayPal. The Preservation Fund of Mission San Juan Bautista is a registered 501(c)3 tax deductible organization.

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